Man Mitts & other such things

I have started thinking about Christmas presents (again) I usually start thinking about possible gift ideas around July.  Next month I will start making my gifts for Christmas for family and friends, so hopefully come Christmas day, they are completed.

Last year I made a pair of man size oven mitts  for a guy I know who’s into baking/cooking. They had to be big enough to fit his hands, and not look feminine. I also lined them with special lining (can’t remember the name of the stuff) that deflects heat , and also batting. They were quite thick to sew, but hubby did give them the tick of approval for heat resistance and hand size/ fit.


As you can see I also made a tag for the mitts so the recipient would know what they were & that they were made especially for him. After Christmas he said he was happy with his present & had used them- but as a man of few words didn’t elaborate.

I also made Christmas themed quilts & Christmas table runners. I made 4 quilts which were very similar for different people and 4 table runners. The first one takes the longest to work out with pattern placement/design but once I’ve made that one, I find it easy to make the others, as it almost a case of copying. 

 One of the quilts.

Part of a table runner

All the Christmas fabric I purchased from spotlight.

Yes I have already purchased my Christmas fabric for this year. Yes it was about 2 months ago- No I have not started yet.


Anyway I think you should go and make something now.

I know I will.


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One thought on “Man Mitts & other such things

  1. Love the table runner. Especially the center medallions. Cute fabric!

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