Holy Hole in a doughnut! 1966 Robin costume

Well I did make the costume in time for my son’s birthday party. I also managed to produce a Darth Vader & angel costume. Tell you what, it’s almost a production line here!

So here is the 1966 style Robin Costume I made. You will notice my there are no tights and the briefs have been replaced with shorts. I know, not sticking with tradition, but I do think more practical and much easier for a 5-year-old to wear. Well, I have noticed in the 1966 TV show, Robin does flash a bit of unsightly tight gusset from time to time. Not a nice look. I also did not make boots or boot covers, or gloves. I’m hoping I will find some green children’s gloves…one day. And the boots, I’ll get around to that! Please note the utility belt did originally have 6 little canisters on it. One fell off at the party. Maybe I should stitch them on!?

have a great night,

Ellie 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Holy Hole in a doughnut! 1966 Robin costume

  1. hi do you still have this costume would you be willing to sell it? My four year old wants to be robin and i am not at all that crafty.

    • i tonya,
      Sorry Ive been away and wasnt abnle to anbswer your question till today. Im sorry but my little boy will not part with it. he wears it a couple of times a week! unfortunatly I just dont have the time at the moment to make another one. I have seen people (online) do wonders making Robin coustumes with t-shirts and tape. Hope that helps & good luck!

  2. What an adorable model!!! He looks so proud!
    Loved this!

  3. Whitney on said:

    Can you share what fabrics you used or how you made your patterns? Thanks.

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