Christmas Star

Well hello there!

I have still been putting things in my newly painted and uniform white boxes and labeling them. Now you are probably thinking why didn’t I just go and buy white storage boxes to begin with and totally save the time and hassle of paining!? Well it was cost and sizes available. I purchased all those boxes for $3.50 each, instead of paying $10+ per box. I already had the paint, I used house paint- leftover undercoat and water based acrylic wall paint.  it took 2 coats of undercoat to cover the printed designs and 2 coats of topcoat. Easy!

So tonight I am showing you a hanging star decoration I made for Christmas. I purchased the Kaisercraft MDF (wood) star wreath, sanded all the stars then drilled a small hole in the top of each star. I then inked the edges of the stars using brown ink –  you could alternativly use paint, but ink seems to soak into the MDF and dries faster. I then applied glue to the stars surface using a spreader to get a nice thin consistency and applied the pattern scrapbooking paper making sure it was smooth with no bubbles. I then cut around the star using a scalpel. I then resanded the edges using fine sand paper to distress the edges slightly. I pierced the paper where the hole for hanging is and using a small round needle file (a jewelry tool) I filed the paper to match the drill hole.  To adhere the photo I determine where I want the star to go by holding the star behind the photo,and up to the light (so your subjects hopefully don’t end up headless on your star) then lightly trace around the star on the back of the photo. Then once again apply glue in the same manner as before to bare side of star, then adhere star to back of photo using outline as a guide of where to place your star. Repeat steps on cutting around star and sanding. Re- ink if necessary or desired. Hang with ribbon or fishing line whatever you like.  I have used all the stars that come in the wreath pack and am now onto my second pack. Most of mine don’t have photos, but have different patterned christmas paper on them. I only started adding a photo of the kids each Christmas 3 years ago. We hang them from the ceiling at Christmas and the kids get a real kick out of seeing themselves on Christmas decorations. Last year I also gave the Grandmas a star with the 3 children on it.

Anyway, I must be off, all this organising has made me want to scrap!

Have a great night!

Love Ellie xox

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