Re: my challenge

Well howdy on this horrible day. Is it raining? is it going to be sunny? I’ve been playing tag all day with the washing and I have to say so far the weather is in the lead. So unfair as I have sooooo much washing to do. Speaking of annoying I went to the library today, I thought I’d ask about a library about paying for a book my boys had lost. Well that was going to cost $41 to replace! The librarian kindly gave me 3 more weeks to find it. Looking for this book is really going to cut into my crafting time!

Onto the 100 layout challenge, since I posted last week I have done 8 layouts. Would have like to have done more, but unfortunately I’ve had all that boring stuff to do: house work, deal with naughty boys, washing, cooking cleaning I know you get the picture. Enough of my winging, here are some layouts. I know some of them look very similar as I’ve used the same ranges of papers  and similar photos. Nothing wrong with that also means I’m getting onto scrapbooking photos from about 3 years ago… finally!

I have mostly used Echo Park, October Afternoon & MME lime Twist

Anyway, have a lovely weekend,


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One thought on “Re: my challenge

  1. Hi..I decided to check out your blogs after ‘liking’ one of mine (thank you) and I’m glad I did. I actually found someone else who enjoys scrapbooking…not that there aren’t probably lots who do but not too many that I know except for the ones I recently found in my church, that have sessions approximately once a month. I am hoping to find some ideas because I started cold turkey a few years ago, w/o any instructions except from books…and I’m not especially gifted creatively.But I so enjoy looking and working with photos and I enjoy trying.

    I’m much older than you as it would seem you’re in very busy years and I am now in my senior years.

    l love the layouts you showed. I’ll read some more later of some of your blogs.

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