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Everyone who is into papercrafts I’m sure has some twine. I know I have a boat load, however, my little secret that I’m sharing is that my most used is the longest lasting and the best bang for your buck.  It is crochet cotton/ crochet thread. It will run you about $4-5 for a 400 yd. roll.  Don’t get me wrong I love baker’s twine and use it often too, but the white is a never fail option, goes with everything and there is loads of ways  to use it (10 to be exact), keep in mind these are only papercraft ways, I use it for other stuff too, but that’s a story for another day. Please read on:

1.CROCHET IT– Well this is the obvious one, but doilies/doily patterns are really ‘in’ right now so what better of a way to use it.

2. THREAD BUTTONS– most use buttons on their projects, I like…

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