The 100 Challenge is complete!

Hello everyone, hope you are all well and happily crafting.

So, my news,  Last week I was up to 95 layouts, I felt like I couldn’t do the last 5 so I decided to make 20 cards instead. That works out to 4 cards per layout. I thought that was fair. I hope everyone else agrees as I needed to do something different! I made a set of cards to give to my mum as a little gift (she loves cards) and I topped up my reserve of cards I have ready to accompany kids birthday gifts. I like making cards to practice some hopefully new techniques/ideas to use on future layouts. I even cracked out the copics and stamps.

I forgot to take photos of the cards, and I have not taken any photos of new layouts recently as by the time I remember to it gets too dark, and the weather has been really awful at the moment. I should be cracking out the camera tomorrow though. fingers crossed lol

here are some LO’s I don’t think I have shared yet.

Have a great night! God bless you all 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The 100 Challenge is complete!

  1. I am amazed at all you do…you gave me one idea using doilies …so I went and got some and used them in my latest scrapbook I’m doing..also some butterflies…I’m trying to see what other items you use frequently but yours are always so’s hard to pick out other things…but thanks for the ideas that I do pick up sometimes also on placement of pictures etc. …Diane

  2. Hi Ellie.. I’ve nominated you for the Commentator Award….Thanks so much for following and commenting on my blogs and I really enjoy yours….Diane details at

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