Hello 2013 & WIP

I am back, finally!

Hello everyone,  Hello 2013 and hello to a new town. Yes that’s right. I have moved. Sadly our present living arrangement is too small for a craft room or area, but lucky for me, I am able to use the hubs office for scrapbooking. So  I can blog and get all crafty too!

So back to craft speak, I have a question,

Are you like me and have many WIP’s (work(s) in progress) piling up just waiting to be finished?!

About a month ago I finally got onto a whole heap of sewing I had to do and I finished several dresses and skirts for my little girl and my nieces.

I’m sharing this to encourage anyone else who has too many WIP’s on the go to get it done! A huge relief that they are finally finished even though it did take me about a year to get around to doing?

I hope you all had a great Christmas & New Year.


Just wanted to you all know what

Love you all & God Bless!

Ellie xox

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6 thoughts on “Hello 2013 & WIP

  1. lol, I have like 20+ WIPs… Ugh, I get a headache just thinking about it. Crafting was supposed to alleviate my stress–now it’s a cause of it.

  2. WIPs? Oh yeah, I’ve got those. Thankfully, for scrapbooking, I’ll never be caught up, so that’s ok. And my wallet can’t handle too, too much 🙂

  3. Glad you’re back…Ellle. Having moved myself in Oct. I can appreciate all that you’ve been busy doing.Sadly I had to give up scrapbooking because we moved to a mobile home (instead of an apt.). In one way it’s great because we still have the outdoors for garden and bird feeders and deck but inside there is of course no basement and not enough space for me. But while I did it I enjoyed it and made several for people I loved. …Now I’ll just enjoy yours’….Diane

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